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Our broad line of technology-based products are designed to assist corporations, management companies and suppliers alike. Each program is managed with a neutral and transparent approach to ensure equitable treatment to all of our customers, resulting in consistent and reliable results.

IntelliMove™ is an assisted move management program that takes care of your back end operations while you maintain control of your employees. It's customized to your needs and includes both our IntelliAudit™ and IntelliSurvey™ programs, and because we are not a Booker, we are less expensive than other traditional programs.

Our IntelliAudit™ product is the program of choice when suppliers need to participate in compliance audits. We provide fair and transparent audits on all moves, applying credits or debits for accurate billings, not just a cheaper one. Our program focuses on pre-auditing to avoid surprises after the fact, which also decreases invoice processing times.

IntelliBid™ is the only international procurement tool in the industry that uses actual move components in the bid process. Unlike other bid tools that use shipping lanes which cost corporations more money, our actively managed process uses your own suppliers and surveys of each employees goods to come up with accurate, comparative bids.

InfiniSurvey™ surveys each employee's experience with their household goods mover. With average response rates near 70%, our evaluations are coveted for reporting transparent and unbiased move experiences across the industry. InfiniSurvey™ is also the basis for our popular Pay-for-Performance supplier management program.

Our IntelliScore™ program offers the industry's only comprehensive scorecard that integrates financial, quality and claims data to measure supplier performance. Our scorecard is used by corporations and suppliers alike to manage both Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) programs.