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Enterprise Operations

At the core of our business are our enterprise-wide operations, which are aligned to fit the daily rigors of our customers. Whether you are in need of a full-service move management operation, compliance audit program, supplier procurement services or all of them combined, we customize our programs to fit your needs.

Move Management

Infinity Management provides household goods Move Management services at a fraction of others costs through our unique IntelliMove™ system. We manage all of your activity using your dedicated suppliers and assign them based on carrier strengths and program requirements. Our services are all-inclusive and there are no added commissions.

Compliance Audits

Compliance audits are the basis for controlling the services your employees receive during a household goods move. Infinity Management's compliance process ensures that you have the right contracts in place, along with the proper checks and balances at every stage. This approach reduces confrontations and helps build long-term compliance patterns with your suppliers.

Bidding and Procurement

The most cost-effective way to bid on international household goods shipments is through Infinity Management's IntelliBid™ cloud-based procurement tool. We use actual shipment inventories to predetermine the true cost of a move using your own suppliers. Other programs lead to higher costs because bids are based on general shipping lanes, maximum content estimates and services that may not be used.